Welcome to Tinygreens – The home of Microgreens in Hull and East Yorkshire.

We are a licensed, registered and audited business with Kingston upon Hull City Council

as a primary producer of various Microgreens.

Our Microgreens include many different variations, with many more to come.

Check out the “What we grow” page.

We cater for consumers and restaurants alike – we would love you to

try our fresh produce which is high in nutrition and vitamins.

In fact up-to 40 times MORE!

We also produce live Microgreens. – subject to availability.

If you need a sample of our Microgreens, get in touch, we are more than happy

to provide a mix box for you to sample.

Sample availability is obviously on a demand as we run out very quickly

so our supply and demand is quite flexible.

We grow on different methods according to demand too, some are 100% pure.

These greens are, naturally, Vegan friendly.

You are welcome to send an Email or you can use the contact us form.

Please note. All orders are subject to availability!! – WE GROW TO ORDER.

Our website is regularly being updated, so the content will change.